1st Level Sailing Course

"I am new to sailing, I don’t know anything about the boat, and I want to become a supportive crew. I want to enjoy the sea on the boat." 

Theory Basics of Seamanship / Security and Safety Concept & Tools / Weather and Forecast Interpretation / Light Navigation

Practice Preparation of the Boat and Sails / Engine-fare / Sail-fare / Rope-work / Beginning to Day and Night Sailing 

2nd Level Sailing Course

"I am done with being the supportive nice crew. I want to be the captain of the boat. I want to call all the shots!" 

Theory (in addition to 1st level content): Engine Knowledge / Turkish Sailing Regulations and Rules / Sea-fare and Safety / Emergency and First Aid / Limited Sight Signs and Actions / Frontal Weather Systems / Fog / Barometer / Tides and Local Currents 

Practice (in addition to 1st level content): Weather Forecasts / Propeller Thrust / Boat and Sail Trim / Cruising / Steering / Sheet Types / Fare planning for Day-fare and Night-fare / Logbook Management / Calculating the Route and Weather Related Changes

3rd level Sailing Course

"The sea is my land, the boat is my home. Day or night, I set sail to wherever my heart wants to go (if the weather permits)."

Theory (in addition to 2nd level content): Types of keel and sheet types / Ebirp & Sart / Emergency Situations and Decisions / Security Procedures

Practice (in addition to 2nd level content): Dinghy training / Night-fare Planning and Execution / Barometric Sea/Weather Forecasts

VHF Short-Range Radio Operator Courses 


Hands on Operation of Marine VHF/DSC (digital selective calling) Equipment / Phonetic Alphabet /  Basic Radio Language / Channels / Making Calls / Meaning of Distress Alert / Distress Mayday Message / Urgency Alert and Pan Pan Message / Safety Alert and Securité Message / Sending Alerts and Messages Accordingly / Radio Rules and Regulations

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